In what format should the files be?

The files you will attach to an order should be in JPG, JPEG and PNG.

HEIC and HEIF files and others other than those described above are not supported and must be converted.

For maximum color accuracy when printing, your files should be in sRGB or RGB. Files in a different color profile such as Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB etc. result in very large differences between the colors you see on your screen and what is copied to paper.
< br />File size / What quality should the photos we upload be?

Files under 68 square meters are too small and do not allow to be copied and cannot to be attached to your order. It is also not possible to attach archived files or link to photos.

We recommend the file aspect ratio to be 2:3 or 3:4 to avoid copying photos with white stripes as much as possible, at aspect ratio 16 :9 or 1:1 in most cases, copying with white stripes is required. When you specify the "operator discretion" copy option (operator decides which photos are with or without white stripes), it does not apply to photo quality or color correction.

No claims are accepted for photos, if the files are of low parameters and also from files that are out of focus and with uncorrectable colors, brightness, contrasts, etc.

Please do not upload files downloaded from the Internet, Facebook, transferred via Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, as well as screenshots. These files are of low resolution and the pictures are not of good quality.

If you upload such files, we will take pictures of them assuming that, despite their poor quality, you want to have pictures of these files .

Meeting the technical requirements for the files you submit to us guarantees faster service and a better quality product - your product.